Facilities Waste Management
If your organisation is serious about reducing waste, cutting costs and reducing your carbon footprint then we are here to help! By following a few steps we can determine how much waste you produce and the best way to process that waste.
Roll On / Roll Off Skips
We operate a fleet of HL5 lorries with a variety of skips, all with different functions that suit different needs ranging between 10 – 35 yards. Our vehicles are driven by experienced drivers who are eager to help. Operating from our depot in Essex, our skips are suitable for commercial and industrial waste, from skip deliveries to wait and loads with options of: open top, enclosed, enclosed with sliding doors, enclosed with lids and lockable.
Portable Compactor
We provide a portable compactor unit which is 14 cubic yards. It is great for premises with little room and a lot of waste, with a compaction volume of 3 tonne. We offer full operator training on completion of installation and after sales servicing. The compactor is hand loaded through two doors at the front (which is lockable), it will only compact with the doors closed, providing maximum safety.
We offer a variety of balers, suitable for compacting segregated recyclables such as cardboard, paper, plastic and tin cans. Bales can be collected weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on quantities and room. Bale sizes range from 75 – 500kg.
Wait and Load
Our wait and load service is provided with our roll on/roll off skips. Depending on location, we can drop the skip on site and wait for it to be loaded, or, we can park and help load items into the skip while on the vehicle (as some areas in London prohibit placing skips on the floor).
Site Clearance
As with any facility or commercial premises there’s always a storage room that gets filled with unwanted items or rubbish that piles up and needs getting rid off. We can supply labour and skips, day or night depending on building restrictions and clear the room or site whatever the job is, we will handle it with no hassle. Below are images of a recent clearance for one of our clients in central London.
Food Waste
Our food waste collection service consists of two do ways one is for wet food waste with residual to be placed in wheelie bins which will be collected weekly in order reach health and safety standards.The other way is with a 10 yard skip with lids however this food waste has to be sealed in packaging this way is more cost effective if you are producing a significant amount of food waste a week. By removing food waste from your general municipal waste you’ll reduce the weight and therefore reducing costs and increase your recycling.
Glass Recycling
Our Glass recycling service consists of wheelie bin collections or skip collection wheelie bins come in one size a 240 litre this is suitable for any waste storage room or loading bay, we also have 10 yard skips available if you produce a large volume of Glass however this takes up more room so it depends on the size of your facility or premises. Glass recycling is a simple process it is taken to a local facility where it is sorted and then crushed they then use this material in the manufacture of new glass products.
Cardboard Recycling
Cardboard recycling can be done in two ways we can either supply a skip which you can throw the loose cardboard in and once it’s filled we will collect for a small charge depending on the quantities that your company produce or you can hire a baler which compacts the cardboard to different sizes ranging from a 75kg-500kg bale these then can be stored at your site and then collect ed free of charge or with a rebate.
Scrap Metal
Services are provided throughout London and the Home Counties, Provision of wait and load services, Provision of weigh bridge ticket, High prices offered, Provision of a crane service for heavy items, Provision of service for jobs of all sizes, Collection of ferrous and non-ferrous material, Fully licensed, A driver will assist with the removal of large and awkward objects, Difficult jobs may be undertaken at low cost, All items i.e. boilers may be cut out with equipment provided.
Wood Waste
By removing wood from your waste you not only help with the recycling process but you’ll also save money as it can be sent straight to a wood recycling facility.
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste is considered to be harmful to human health or the environment and therefore has to be disposed off carefully, we can collect all kinds of hazardous material and provide waste transfer notes to show where the waste is taken from how it is disposed off.
Crane Hire
We have a selection of cranes capable of moving objects, equipment and waste. With a weight limit of over two tonne they can handle a lot. We also have a wide variety of bodies for the vehicles ranging from skips, flatbeds and dropsides making whatever it is you’re moving easy for transportation. Get in contact now for a quote.
Data Destruction
Services are provided throughout London and the Home Counties, A range of size skips may be provided for collection, A driver will assist.
Large Scale Projects

London Wait & Load

Skip Hire

Site Clearance